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Corruption Red Flags Document Corruption is a pervasive crime that affects all countries and economi...
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United Nations Notifications

Ten aanzien van de lijst geldt volledigheidshalve dat aan het gebruik van de lijst geen rechten kun...
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Press Release

Press Release FIU Komunikado...
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CFATF Public Statement

CFATF Public Statement November 27, 2019...
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FATF Public Statement

FATF Public Statement October 2019...
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Improving Global AMLCFT Compliance October 2019...
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Typologies - Egmont Group

The FATF and the Egmont Group also conduct typological studies to detect international ML/TF vulnera...
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On January 25th, 2011 FIU Curaçao introduced its on-line reporting application called: Curaçao On-li...
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PUBLIC INFORMATION – NOTIFICATION TO ALL USERS The following offshore Bank, the Overseas First Feder...
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Welcome to the website of FIU Curaçao (previously called MOT). FIU Curaçao became operational in 1997 as a part of the Ministry of Finance. FIU Curaçao acts as an independent buffer between the private sector and the criminal justice system, in the joint combat against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Important notices
Does the law require your company or service to report unusual transactions to FIU Curaçao? List of all sectors that need to register and report

All sectors that need to report are now required by law to register with the Supervisor that is responsible for their sector. Click here to check if your Supervisor is FIU Curaçao and register. Register with your Supervisor

In addition, all sectors that need to report are now required by law to register with FIU Curaçao for the online reporting system CORSYS. Corsys Registration and Login Profile

All indicators for reporting unusual transactions for all sectors have recently changed and must be used for transactions that came to your attention after the date of December 31, 2015! New Indicators List

The laws on reporting unusual transactions (LvMOT or NORUT) and on the identification of your clients (LID or NOIS) have recently changed!:

Ministerial sanction decree Yemen! Sanction Decree Yemen

Ministerial sanction decree Iran! Sanction Decree Iran

Ministerial sanctions 2018 ! Sanctions 2018

EU Sanction Venezuela EU Sanction Venezuela

EU Sanction Venezuela 2 EU Sanction Venezuela 2

EU Sanction Venezuela Press Release EU Sanction Venezuela Press Release

Ministeriele regeling Venezuela Ministeriele regeling 2019 Venezuela

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