On January 25th, 2011 FIU Curaçao introduced its on-line reporting application called: Curaçao On-line Reporting System, (CORSYS). With CORSYS, reporting has become more efficient and user friendly by making it possible to access internet and after receiving a secret code, complete the reporting form and send it directly to the FIU.

Registering for and admittance to CORSYS

Since december 2015, all reporting entities are required by law to register with the Analysis department of the FIU. If you are already registered, you do need to register again, though the FIU might require

The procedure for registering and admittance to CORSYS is as follows.

Upon initial access to CORSYS, reporting entities are required to first complete the Registration and Login Profile document and submit it to the Analysis department of the FIU. Click on the following link to view the document for the MOT. Corsys Registration and Login Profile

After submitting the Login Profile document, reporting entities should review the MOT Portal Admittance Requirements & Security Policies document and after checking the agreement box, submit this to the Analysis department of the FIU. Click on the following link to view the Admittance Requirements

Upon reception and acceptance of the completed Login Profile document and the checked MOT Portal Admittance Requirements, the FIU will forward the user-id and password to the reporting entity, authorizing them to access CORSYS.

Security is important when using the MOT Portal. In the following document, you will find eaxmples of how to create strong passwords: Password Security Tips

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