All financial and non-financial service providers that have an obligation to report unusual transactions to the FIU and to take measures of client identification and due diligence against money laundering and terrorist financing, are placed under the supervision of a Supervisory Entity.

There are three Supervisory Entities: The Central Bank of Curacao and St Maarten, the Gaming Control Board and the Supervisory department of FIU Curacao.

Services rendered by certain designated non-financial businesses and professions (the so-called DNFBP's, as designated by law) are placed under the supervision of the Supervisory Department of FIU Curacao. These DNFBPs are:

· the buying and selling of real estate;

· managing of client money, securities, coins, currency notes, precious metals, precious stones and other assets;

· the creation or managing of companies, legal persons or similar business entities;

· the buying, selling or take-over of companies;

· the dealing in high value merchandise (vehicles, precious metals, precious stones, and jewelry)

· and NEW: the dealing in building and construction materials.


If FIU Curacao is your supervisory entity, here you will find a document (in English and Dutch) to use for mandatory registration with the supervisory department of FIU Curacao:

REGISTRATIONFORM Supervision Department engels 2018.docREGISTRATIONFORM Supervision Department engels 2018.doc

REGISTRATIEFORMULIER Toezichtafdeling. nederlands 2018.docREGISTRATIEFORMULIER Toezichtafdeling. nederlands 2018.doc

After completion please deliver the form and required attachments to the address mentioned on the form.

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